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Art Contest.

Yep, I'm holding another at contest!

The prizes:
First place will be an unlimited tail and ear set. By unlimited I mean any color, any size, any markings. OR for those of you who don't wear tails, TWO unlimited Loonakit plushes.
Two runners up will get a simple tail, (no wild and complex markings) or one Loonakit.

And although most of you know what my tails look like, for any folks who don't, here are some examples.

The timeframe:
The deadline for submissions will be the last day in November, November 30th. I will announce the winners on December 1st. The winning prizes will be completed and shipped in time for Christmas, so you could win yourself a nice little Christmas present.

The theme:
I'm offering two choices. Either you can draw a wedding portrait of my husband Jordanis and I, or you can draw a book cover for one of my stories. I'll have more info about those options down in the reference section.

The rules for submission:
You can enter as many times as you want.
You can enter any media, traditional digital, sculptural, whatever you care to try.
You CANNOT enter explicit material. G or PG rated entries only, please. (PG-13 entries may be allowed in the case of story covers for those stories with mild adult content, as marked below.)
Entries will be judged on accuracy to the reference material, effort, general aesthetics, and creativity.
Entries must be sent before midnight Pacific time on November 30th.
Entries may be submitted by e-mail, or by uploading to a gallery (FA, DA, etc.) and commenting to this or other related posts with a link.
Entries may also be physically mailed, e-mail me at if you prefer to send your entry this way.

Reference material:

Option one, the wedding.
Here is a photo of my husband and myself on our wedding day. :)
A picture of my husband's furry self. He's a golden jackal, so if you want additional reference material, just google golden jackal. NOT black-backed jackal.
A picture of Serapha, my character taking her rare furry form, for those of you who don't do humans well.
For those of you who do draw humans well, please use this reference instead: Serapha in winged human form. (Yes she has fangs. They're small and may or may not show though.)
Do note that accuracy of the dress and tux are part of the judging, as well as accuracy of our characters. :)

Option two, the book cover.
This one may be just a little bit more work because of the reading, but I wanted to give people who may want to get more creative something other than a bland wedding portrait to do. :) Simply put, read one of my stories that currently lacks a good book cover, and then make one for it. Please do pay attention to the descriptions of the characters and scenes, as that is part of the judging. The starred* stories are ones where reference art of at least one character exists. Look below for links to said reference art.

Epic stories that need cover art:
The Sanguine Canvas* (Mild adult content.)
Blood Choice*

Short stories that need cover art:
Fire And Ice
Night Shift
Unicorn Truths
Rescue (Mild adult content.)
Son of the Cat
Ariana's Story (A Rhiannon family story.)
First Flight* (A Rhiannon family story.)
Father and Son* (A Rhiannon family story.)

Very short stories, for people who don't want to read much:
Of Girls and Teddy Bears
The Castle Gate
The Knight's Daughter

*Reference art for story characters:
Andrew, from The Sanguine Canvas
(Andrew's appearance is something I'm not too picky about, so long as he is deer-like and has the single antler, small wings, long tail, and fangs described in the story.)

Aidan, from Blood Choice, First Flight, and Father and Son (This is the best cover art I've ever gotten. But I paid a good bit for it, so I don't quite expect entries to be on this level.)
(For maximum accuracy, in First Flight and in Father and Son, Aidan should be wearing the torc and medallion seen in the first two images, but in Blood Choice he should have neither of those items.)

A little extra note:
Please don't enter this contest if you're not going to have fun doing it. I don't expect a ton of entries, but I do expect to get far more than three, and I'm only giving three prizes. So most entrants aren't going to win anything. Enter to enjoy entering, not to win. :)

If you have any questions about any of this, don't hesitate to ask them.
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