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Trans bingo update.
Finished a story for "Watching Helplessly" in the corner square, so now I just have to decide if I'm going up, across, or diagonally. Up, I think? But maybe diagonally. This is kinda fun. :D

Said story is... er... Well, it's one there's a small audience for, as it's original fiction and darkly, sexually violent. But it is *not* one of those depressing trans violence stories. In fact it has what *I* consider to be a happy ending, even if at least one of the story's characters would definitely not agree with me about that.

Not sure when I'll post it, it needs some editing, and perhaps to sit a bit and then get edited again. It's very rough right now. I'll probably plop it out for the Patrons after the next couple of Goose Game chapters, which should be up on Patreon on Monday and on Fimfic/AO3 on Wednesday.

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Trans bingo!
From over here. I've never done a bingo event, but I really want to write more stories with transgender characters, so hey, why not?

My card:
Moving In Together First haircut Pretending to be Married Navigating sex while trans Furniture
Huddle For Warmth Pets Questioning Pining Roommates
Dating while trans Identity Crisis FREE SPACE Relaxation Getting Physical: Touching,Hugging and Cuddling
Cuddles and Snuggles Pregnancy Buying Groceries It Wasn't Meant to Be Trauma
Watching Helplessly Board Games Drag queens and drag kings Redecorating Gender euphoria

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Going as myself for Halloween.
The original "Aidan" was a vampire, so I am basically dressing up as me. :3

I have so many weird, thinky thoughts about these pictures. I do wish I could actually grow a beard, for one. Sigh. Also it's bizarre how much I look like my brothers, one of them in particular. That shouldn't be weird, but it is.

More pictureCollapse )

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Proper covers!
The Sacrifice now has the right back cover, and I now have a dozen copies.

Anybody who's been waiting on the proper ones to buy a signed copy can buy one now. $13 shipped anywhere in the USA, which you can send via paypal to spark.costumes@gmail.com

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Why I continue to be involved in pony fandom and post on Fimfiction...
...even though honestly a lot of the joy has long since worn off. And yet the appeal of an actual audience who actually interacts with me as an author is irresistible.

For example...Collapse )

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It's up!
Untitled Celestia Fic (2583 words) by bladespark
Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Untitled Goose Game (Video Game), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Princess Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Additional Tags: Crossover, Comedy, Hijinks & Shenanigans, Silly

Celestia is a princess, elegant, regal, and certainly not secretly trying to mess with everyone around her for her own amusement...

Story is marked as incomplete because I want to add more goals/chapters, but each chapter is a finished stand-alone, so you won't be left hanging.

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Sunday six, I guess.
“Oh!” Lady Smuggington jumped, her teacup dropping to the rug as the loud noise made her lose her field. The richly-attired unicorn turned around on her chaise, her expression one of both shock and bafflement. “Princess Celestia, was that…” She stopped short of uttering the unthinkable question. The elegant alicorn who stood with one hoof upraised with perfect poise, could not possibly have made that hideous noise, of course.

Lady Smuggington is a fill-in until I pick out an actual pony name, but I dunno. Given Filthy Rich and Fancy Pants and other extant pony names, it'd probably work as-is.

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Untitled Celestia Game
I haven't posted much lately, I know. I have a thing about Nazis and kink I should probably cross-post at some point, but keeping an eye on the comments in one place is enough for now, so that'll happen later.

In writing news, though, I have a document open, with 320 words in it, titled "Untitled Celestia Game." I'm sure people can see where this is going.

I mean really, there's an obvious physical resemblance, and Celestia *is* a legendary prankster, so...


I started with the beer stein (in this case a teacup) in the canal goal, just because that was the first one I had an idea for, but my SO had an even better idea, so right now I'm writing a chapter for Rake in the Lake.

If you can guess the nature of the rake in this one, get a nerd point.

(Other goals I want to do: wear the ribbon, and something analogous to the bell in some way, but harassing either Twilight or Luna.)

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Look, authors, if you don't know what the word means, don't use it!
I keep running into Good Omens authors using the term "primary feather" when they obviously have NO IDEA what that means. I have read a story where Crowley tucked one of Aziraphale's primary feathers into his breast pocket. I just now read a story where Crowley "plucked out" a primary feather to gift it to Aizraphale for a casual purpose, when obviously any feather would do.

Here is a simple guide to angel and demon primary feathers. The primaries are the very largest ones towards the tips of the wings, I have noted the full length of them with helpful little red lines, since the primaries run underneath the primary coverts all the up to the "hand" of the wing. (The secondaries are the big flight feathers closer in to the body. Coverts are the medium feathers that cover most of the rest of the wing, with specific names for the various groups of them, and scapulars are the ones that go over the join of wing and body on the back.)

LOOK at those fucking things. I copy-pasted the line running the length of Aziraphale's longest primary next to his body for scale. It's fucking shoulder high on him. It's probably as long as I am tall. (I'm short, okay?) Nobody is tucking that thing in a pocket. And nobody is pulling one of those out without screaming. The shafts would be like an inch wide and are rooted deeply in the flesh of the "hand" of the wing. You might as well write about somebody casually pulling off a finger and handing it over, it'd probably feel about the same.

Just say "feather". Seriously. If you don't know what a primary feather is (and these authors obviously do not) then just say "feather". Crowley can tuck "a feather" from Aziraphale in his pocket. He can pluck "a feather" to hand over as a gift.

This specific one bugs me for how outrageously stupid it is, but it's an overall writing truth. If you don't KNOW for certain what a word means, don't fucking use it in your writing!

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Our Love Will Conquer Fear (7362 words) by bladespark
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: CyberSix
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lucas Amato/CyberSix | Adrian Seidelman
Characters: Lucas Amato, CyberSix | Adrian Seidelman
Additional Tags: Porn With Plot, Transgender, Transmasculine, Genderqueer Character, Genderfluid Character, Multiplicity/Plurality, Explicit Consent, Anal Sex, Happy Ending, Post-Canon

Sometimes it feels like there are two completely different people stuffed into Cybersix's head, so it's no wonder they tend to use "they" when not playing a specific role. That had always seemed like it would make anything resembling romance impossible, but having somehow managed to survive Von Richter's death, Cybersix now has the time to face the wonderful—and terrifying—thought that Lucas Amato actually knows and likes both sides of them. Can it work out between the two (or three?) of them? There's only one way to find out...

(The Cybersix fic that absolutely nobody asked for. At least it's probably going to do better than my The Sacrifice fic?)

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