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bladespark's Journal

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SPark, the Purple Dragon
21 June 1978
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  • bladespark@livejournal.com
I don't actually use lj, I just have an auto-crosspost from my actual journal, here: http://bladespark.dreamwidth.org/ Although I do have comment notification on, so I will see comments you leave. :)

You can find me elsewhere on the web at various sites, listed here: http://sparkcostumes.com/list.html
animals, anthro art, anthromorphs, anthropomorphics, anti-stereotypes, anti-stupid, anti-stupidity, art, artwork, asking questions, avoiding stereotypes, ball pythons, bastet, bdsm, being weird, bishounen, bjd, black, blood, bondage, books, brazilian rainbow boas, carnivorous plants, cats, censorship, cheesy 80s music, childrin r skary, chinese food, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, classic rock, classical music, columbian rainbow boas, copyright, costumes, cowboy bebop, creativity, cuddling, curiosity, d/s, dancing, death, did, dionaea, dissociative identity disorder, dragons, drawing, drm, drosera, evanescence, fandom, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy worlds, feathers, fire, first amendment, flight, flying, flying dreams, free speech, furry, furry art, fursuit, gender, gender identity, god, goth, halloween, happiness, harry potter, headvoices, healthy multiplicity, hedonism, herpetology, idiots, imagination, individuality, inner voices, inner worlds, integration, ireland, kittens, led zeppelin, life, life without fear, living my dream, living without fear, lord of the rings, love, mary sues, median, midcontinuum, mpd, multiple personalities, multiple personality disorder, multiples, multiplicity, my little pony, mythology, nepenthes, not being labelled, online comics, pain, philosophy, pink floyd, pitcher plants, plurality, pokemon, pyromania, rainbow boas, reading, religion, reptiles, sanguinarians, sarcasm, sarracenia, science, science fiction, sensuality, sewing, snakes, snark, spirituality, star wars, sundews, swords, transgender issues, unicorns, uniqueness, vampires, vampirism, venus fly traps, voluntary slavery, webcomics, webnovels, weird, weirdness, windstone, windstone editions, wings, world domination, writers, writing, wtf

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