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SPark, the Purple Dragon
21 June 1978
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I don't actually use lj, I just have an auto-crosspost from my actual journal, here: http://bladespark.dreamwidth.org/ Although I do have comment notification on, so I will see comments you leave. :)

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I'm me, SPark, aka. Stephanie, aka. Flame Song Firedancer, etc, etc, etc. I have way too many personas/characters. I like all kinds of random stuff, as you can see below. My main hobby, interest, obsession, and currently means of making the rent is fursuit/mascot making. I do tails, ears, paws, masks, full suits, quad suits, and plushes of all sorts. At the moment I also collect pokemon merchandise, and customize My Little Ponies into totally not-girly things, which is entertaining.

I'm always happy to talk to a potential customer*. I also enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to look me up.

At the moment I'm mostly just posting art projects and business related stuff publicly, you'll need to get on my friends list in order to see anything else. I generally don't mind adding folks, but I like to get to know them a bit first, so comment, say something, let me get to know you, and maybe I'll add you. And maybe I won't, I'm not all fluffy bunnies, and I don't get along with everyone. Behind the friends filter I post some opinionated stuff, (and a lot of griping) so if you're so easily offended that my not friending you back upsets you, you'll probably end up offended by plenty of other stuff I post anyhow, so you're better off just going elsewhere. That said I do like meeting new people, so don't be afraid to say hello.

Oh, and just FYI, this journal is my space, and I'll say whatever the flip I want here. You have problems with that, don't read it. Communities are public spaces and certain rules of public conduct apply, but as far as I'm concerned this lj is my own home, and I don't have to be polite here unless I want to. So *thhbbbt* to anybody who gets their panties in a knot over what I say here. You don't like it? Go join kittypix

I'm nicer than all this makes me sound, really. :D But I have to have the little disclaimers, because otherwise people get on my case about not being 100% fluffy rainbows and bunnies all the time, and that just annoys me.

*About business. Just because I'm willing to answer your IMs, this doesn't mean I think you're my friend. It means I want your money. I make fursuits and plush for a living, this is how I pay the bills. I'm sorry if that comes across as rude, but although I do enjoy talking shop, I really am starting to get tired of people who think that my willingness to talk to them about sewing means I also want to know about their work, classes, sex lives, etc. I don't. Especially not the sex lives, ew.

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